The Jupiter Neptune Opposition

(September 2002 - June 2003)

When the opposition of Jupiter (big) and Neptune (oil) signaled the biggest ever oil strike ever, at 10.30 am Jan 10 1901 in Beaumont Texas, the 20th century had just begun. In 2002, oil is still at the centre of the battlefields as Jupiter once again opposes Neptune in the signs of Leo and Aquarius respectively. This aspect will recur in mid February and leave on June 3 2003.

This very significant cycle occurs approximately once every 12.5 years. Jupiter is all about belief systems, and self-expansion, being very much a future orientated planet. Neptune is inspiration too, although coming from the world of imagination and far more attached to the dream state. When you have these two together grandiose plans are on the cards. There can also be massive deceptions and the opposition warns against the latter.

Dreams of a better world saw World Wars One and Two both begin under the Jupiter/Neptune opposition. Throw in the drawn out Vietnam conflict or the invasion of Kuwait leading to the Gulf War, and you get the general idea. The inflammatory rhetoric leading toward another war is no surprise. Neptune also rules chemicals and associated biological weaponry. The Neptune of the Iraqi chart is highlighted right in the middle of October 2002 from the 14th. Inflated egos are part of this Jupiter/Neptune opposition.

At these times, the history books have recorded increased strike activity, and massive protests. Great Britain's first general strike of 1926, the great South African strike of 1914 in which union leaders were deported, the Tiananmen Square student protest in China, plus the breaking down of the Berlin Wall, and jailing of Nelson Mandela, are notable examples.

The ultimate dreambox, the television was also invented under the Jupiter/Neptune opposition of 1926. Neptune being the Hollywood indicator is also associated with screen legends marking the rise of Mae West, Greta Garbo, the epic Gone With The Wind, or the very Neptunian Singing In The Rain. It also meant the dissolution of idols from Rudolph Valentino, to the King Elvis Presley, Bing Crosby, and opera diva Maria Callas all in the one year of 1977.

With Jupiter being the planet of royalty and Neptune dissolution, the opposition seems to have heralded the death of Royal figures – notably Queen Victoria at the turn of the century, King George (that led to our current Queen Elizabeth being crowned), and in 2002, the deaths of the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret.

Australia was formed as a nation on January 1 1901. As such Jupiter/Neptune oppositions have been very important years for us. We have been active in all the four wars beginning under this aspect - World Wars One and Two, Vietnam and Desert Storm. We may well participate again. That's because the opposition runs right across our travel line of international affairs. There may also be massive student protests, or changes in education systems, and the spotlight may be thrown upon travel as well.

How does this opposition affect your individual sign? Read on.

Aries - The opposition falls favorably for you tending to increase your creativity and imagination. Improving yourself through these areas, perhaps joining a group with similar aims, or taking some lessons in something you believe you have a hidden talent for over the next nine months. The ultimate nine-month creative act is childbearing and this could increase the population of Aries households.

Taurus - The expansion area is real estate for you but all the same you have to do this within limits. Remember overstretching the mark is the undoing of this cycle so play within set boundaries. You may wish to renovate or add to an existing property or enter into the property market if not already. With your patient persevering approach Taurus you are likely to avoid the pitfalls of dreamy Neptune. Maybe you can find you place by the sea.

Gemini - You may feel inclined to take a course, or improve your education and employment prospects. This cycle also favors travel and possibly taking the trip of your dreams. In regards to the educative side, perhaps courses geared around art or music would be most beneficial in stimulating your imagination and creativity. So the accented areas are doing something to invigorate your mind and also looking at some extended travel breaks.

Cancer - A genuine need to maintain your finances here as you could easily be tempted overboard on some wild scheme. Keep a close handle on reality and forget the enthusiastic sales talk of friends or companions. You may indeed make more money for yourself, but the tendency to squander is great. Investments that sound too good to be true are - play it safe and you can keep your hard-earned bucks for a rainy day. Jupiter will give you the impetus to make the money, avoid the temptation to spend too much in September, February and early June 2003.

Leo - The urge to merge is great. Trouble is you're not seeing the other person for who they really are. That dreamboat lover may well be a barnacle in the final wash up. This is manly affecting if you're born around the end of July, very start of August. Even so ensure that the other people in your life are representing themselves honestly. Neptune in the partnership house should demand proof. Mind you this is still a wonderfully romantic time with a bit of effort. If you're actively involved in art and imagination, then you may well hit the heights now.

Virgo - You're off in dreamland morethan most. That's unusual for practical Virgo but maybe you can use the escape. You may feel like simply being by yourself, alone with your thoughts. Not such a bad idea. You're recentering yourself, finding out what's behind the veil, getting to know your unconscious. Unraveling those failure scripts and turning them into success stories will be your mission. But you must get to know what drives you. Secrets will come to light.

Libra - Like your opposite Aries this Jupiter/Neptune opposition is favoring you. It impels you to spend more time in recreative pursuits and simply having fun. You should find friends and associates plentiful and may well make some important new contacts over the next year. Children also play a vital role in keeping you on the ball. Take a chance and encourage your spontaneity as fortune favors the brave where Libra is concerned.

Scorpio - Sometimes when your career is flying high your home life can suffer, and vice-a-versa. It's a matter of balancing opposites here, and achieving a sense of balance, between your private and public concerns. More than likely job demands or improving prospects will impel you toward self-advancement. Whilst that may be the way to go, ensure that you water the roots of the tree as well, or the branches may bear no substantial fruits.

Sagittarius - You're noticing how things are changing around your immediate environment. It's sentimental to hang onto yesterday, but not too practical. You may feel like spreading your wings further. New interests beckon, and with your ruling planet Jupiter in a fellow fire sign, opportunities present themselves. Where you felt blocked before you may safely move forward. Sometimes this can involve relocation or travel. You may also be coming to the end of some standoff that involved litigation. You can proceed with more confidence knowing those testing days are behind you. (Note Sags born around December 10-12th still have reformative Pluto bringing its changes into their lives depending upon house position).

Capricorn - You may be concerned that you're going nowhere when it comes to vital assets, property and material wealth. You may even feel these things drifting away, wishing to build on the rock rather than the sand. You do have good advice around you and it may be time to invest in that. Again the only prerequisite here is moderation. There is always the risk of going over the top with grandiose dreams where Jupiter and Neptune are in hard aspect to each other. Maintain your objectivity and you'll find material gains easier to make than before.

Aquarius - The current Jupiter/Neptune energies can put you in real holiday mode. You're more of a dreamer than before. The temptation to stop the world and get right off is greater than before. Pressing demands and cold reality leave you feeling just that way. It may be time to take a holiday. The appropriate times other than now (September 2002) are February, or early June 2003. A greater spiritual interest is brewing in you too so examine some of those newage beliefs that may bring you into the Age of Aquarius.

Pisces - You are capable of rediscovering connection between spirit and matter now. Healing and the mind body connection are all part of this. You may unveil the power of your thoughts and the philosophy of Emerson, 'as a man thinks so is he'. Change your thinking and you change your life. The same goes for your body, as a healthy body is part of a healthy mind. Relaxation and meditation can give you a whole new spin and unravel what seemed to be the problems of your life.

Ed Tamplin
September 27 2002

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