Jupiter in Virgo


I should have known when a bunch of nitpicking scientists recently stated that astrology was rubbish that Jupiter must be heading into Virgo. (See footnote).

Take for instance, the news that Australian ex-politician Pauline Hanson has just been jailed for three years for not correctly registering her One Nation party. It meant little to her defence that the same party had more than a million supporters nationwide, or that she had repaid all monies received.

The Hanson case is an example of legal (Jupiter) pedanticism (Virgo)... not that I'm having a go at Virgos, but let's face it, they're the only ones who could pull up Elvis Presley mid-song to point out that he'd mispronounced a word.

Captain Bligh had Jupiter in Virgo... and we all know what a stickler for rules he was. Not only was the good captain cast out to sea when his crew mutinied on the Bounty, but when he was installed as Governor of New South Wales, he again incited rebellion among the officers and had to be exported back to England for his own safety.

Then there was America's Joseph McCarthy and his anti-communism purge of the U.S. in the 1950s. McCarthy too had Jupiter in Virgo. So did religious reformist Martin Luther, who wrote not one but 95 theses showing where the church had gone wrong before nailing them to the doors of a Wittenberg church.

At least Martin Luther, acting out of a love of truth, was trying to put Virgo (order) back into a belief system (Jupiter).

Religious fundamentalism and moral crusading are strong manifestations of Jupiter in Virgo, currently evident in our world.

But let's look at some other possibilities...

Jupiter travels through Virgo every 12 years, this time from August 27 2003 until September 25 2004. But only twice in the last two centuries has it opposed Uranus at the same time.

This cycle in 1837 oversaw important developments of then British colonies Australia and Canada. The Australian continent was opening up - Melbourne was then named and Adelaide had its first survey and land sales.

In Canada, the 1837 rebellion against British control eventually led to self-government.

Under the current cycle, these countries may again examine their international relations and trade dependencies.

Virgo is traditionally a health sign and 1837 coincided with the detection of cerebella cells, and the identification of neuron processes. Hopefully the current cycle can produce a breakthrough in degenerative brain and nervous diseases such as Alzheimer's, or Multiple Sclerosis.

The most recent occasion Jupiter in Virgo opposed Uranus in Pisces was in 1921, a pivotal year for air travel. The first helicopter appeared in France. The Australian Air Force was also formed and Melbourne's Essendon Airport opened. Pioneer Australian pilot Bert Hinkler was also breaking aviation records flying from Brisbane to Sydney.

Expect further newsworthy events connected to air travel and associated industries including space, satellite, and missile technology.

Travel by air also included information conveyed by airwaves. 1921 triggered the popularity of commercial radio with the groundbreaking broadcast of Jack Dempsey's world heavyweight boxing title defence in the U.S.A.

Expect the combination of Jupiter in analytical Virgo, opposed by Uranus in boundless Pisces, to oversee significant technological advancements in the entertainment and computer related industries.

Lastly, in what seems a remarkable sporting coincidence, the precision tennis greats Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graf, Martina Hingis, and Venus Williams were all born with this placement.

Here's how YOU can serve aces while Jupiter travels through Virgo. Keep in mind that Jupiter is ultimately all about self-growth and developing renewed faith in your future - so get to it.


Jupiter bestows its benefits on your health and routine work. Use this period to gain a greater sense of purpose and reward from your day-to-day routine... not so much for personal advancement but for fulfillment and enjoyment. If you're looking for work, you may well find it now. Ideally it will promote your self-growth and education as well as keep you busy. Develop your ability to organise. Healthwise, your only danger would appear to be over-indulgence. You benefit by embarking on greater health-awareness, improved nutrition, and exercise whenever possible.


Having the planet of opportunity in your house of self-expression is one of the best possible placements. Now you can confidently display your creative potential. Revel in being yourself. All relationships should benefit as a result, particularly romantic ones. Children and their education can also become more important. Your ‘inner child’ is also revealed, and your self-growth hinges on adopting the innocence and faith in life that only a child displays. Artistic talents should be encouraged and may provide instant rewards. You excel in recreational and sporting activities. Your only real danger lies in excessive self-gratification.


Ideally a time of settling family issues as you seek inner tranquillity. This will reflect upon your living conditions, which you may seek to improve, or extend. Jupiter's natural benefits relate to domesticity and property, areas where you should shine. Your attention can turn away from outer ambition now and focus instead upon how 'at home' you feel in the world. Jupiter being an expansive influence may coincide with travel but in the wash-up it is a time to put down roots and the opportunity may well come to do just that.


Communications are increasing rapidly. You can find yourself a virtual information exchange and could be learning new subjects or increasing your involvement with computers or the Internet. It's likely you will travel intermittently during this cycle. If you're in business for yourself, networking, advertising, and commuting will be vital. There's an accent on education and learning along with a challenge to deliver your message clearly and concisely. Personal contacts should increase and your only test will be in giving your mind a break. Generally excellent for writers and researchers.


You may experience an increased urge for financial security. It's now that you seek to capitalise on your futuristic ideas. You are putting plans into practise and testing their commercial viability. Overall this can be a period of financial bounty and finding you have resources you can put to better use. Additionally, it's a time of drawing assets toward you. Re-examine your financial planning now with particular regard to the immediate future. Support is essential. Be sure of what you want as you may well get it. Your danger lies in extravagance or believing that money will provide answers to everything.


While Virgo is traditionally a modest and disciplined sign, having upbeat and expectant Jupiter here can bring you into line with your greater potential. Expanding your experience through study or travel, or the adoption of a new philosophy on life, are possibilities. Driving all of this is a more futuristic and optimistic outlook. The effect of that will be to attract more confident and beneficial associates around you. This is a once-in12-year opportunity - your generous benefactor has arrived, so move with it. The downside would be doing a Captain Bligh and ultimately landing in the drink.


Jupiter is the spirit of benevolence and seat of wisdom, hence its Hindu title, 'Guru'. Arriving now in your house of compassion and karma, Jupiter prompts a call for understanding and empathy with those not so fortunate as yourself. The suffering you see can move you to action. The development of your intuition will be like having a constant guardian angel. Even if you have little interest in spiritual development, religion, or the occult, such interests may well develop now. The more pragmatic Libran will find this the best period for facing hidden fears, or dealing with and overcoming chronic habit patterns.


Fulfillment is found within the collective. There is joy in groups, and through others your dreams may come true. That's the benefit of having Jupiter (Jove or Joy) in the house of friends. Associates can bring opportunities and gifts. All the same, this is a give and take situation rather than a one-way street, as you excel in a team atmosphere. Self-growth comes by taking your dreams to the people and sharing with others. Opportunities abound to do what you want to do rather than what you feel you have to.


Far reaching plans and career success are strong possibilities during this fruitful phase. Public recognition and promotion, along with travel or study overtones, are often evidence of Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, expanding your status. You may be expected to lead by example. Work can be plentiful but be careful not to be too accommodating of yourself or others. You may have an exaggerated sense of duty. Trust your subordinates and delegate when you can once you've passed on the necessary skills. Also take advantage of any on-the-job learning facilities. Over-estimation and ego are your only enemies.


The current position of Jupiter asks you to extend your potentials. You may feel restless in your current circumstance, believing that your talents are not being recognised, or that you could do a lot better for yourself. In order to move from your present situation, you may need to acquire further education or need to travel. If you do neither, you are bound to attract others who are more educated or well-tavelled, or who can in some way broaden your worldview. You are also redefining your belief systems. The important end product here is to arrive at a more cultivated and tolerant outlook.


Jupiter is the reward centre of the solar system and for you, it turns up in the area of legacies, inheritance, and partner's finances. Finally fate may be landing sunny-side up, or should I say money-side up. Even your partner's assets may grow. Predictive astrology texts considered this a good time to apply for assistance, to negotiate loans, or to enter business partnerships. More poignantly it asks you to claim what is rightfully yours. This can also trigger a time for a significant life change that ultimately turns out for your benefit, despite not seeming so beneficial at the time.


Relationships can seem like a mutual admiration society. Partnerships are one of your major sources of pleasure and personal evolvement, as Jupiter enters your house of associates. Marriage is one of the possibilities. You learn a lot from the people around you. And you can also greatly benefit your partners. You may meet people of different heritage or culture under this influence, and you should each willingly stretch beyond your individual boundaries. Jupiter is known for its charity, and as it currently opposes your sign, even your enemies may unwittingly do you favours.


The irony of the scientist's attack on astrology is that it is right on time! Statistical astrological research has determined, against irrefutable odds, that Saturn is the planet most identified with the exacting scientists. The last time science made a significant public attempt to discredit astrology was in the September/October edition of Humanist magazine, back in 1975, when Saturn was travelling through Cancer. The Saturn return every 28 to 30 years is one of astrology's oldest cycles. It's back in Cancer now, so the scientists are wondrously punctual in emerging from the woodwork. Who says the solar system doesn't affect life here on earth?


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