Israel & Palestine – the Great Divide
September 13 2000 is the nominated day when Palestine will declare independent statehood, unless agreement can be reached between the PLO and Israel regarding the restructuring of national boundaries. Against a backdrop of social and religious differences the difficulty of finding a satisfactory solution to a problem deeper than land alone becomes clearer as the date draws closer. Despite frantic efforts by US President Clinton to broker a peace deal on more than one occasion, little tangible progress has been made. Yet still Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Barak and the long time leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization Yassar Arafat remain committed to the cause. Even the Pope broke with tradition during a historic visit to the Holy Lands to pray for a peaceful settlement. At the center of the great divide, Jerusalem, a city steeped in religious significance, for Israel, Palestine and Christianity.

This brief article will attempt to throw light on the whole situation, in the language of astrological symbolism. My hope is that it will be read and understood by the astrologer and lay person alike. It is by no means totally comprehensive having been written within the time constraints of a few hours, but nevertheless represents my immediate thoughts on what may transpire and why. I welcome your enlightened comments.

During all of September to midway through October the outer planets of Jupiter and Pluto are in direct opposition, from the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius respectively. Jupiter has always been referred to as the royal planet, and an imperial influence, not only in western astrology, but also the traditions of the orient. From Jupiter comes the word judiciary, and it is representative of the priests, lawmakers and rulers.

Pluto, a more recent discovery, has been linked to the plutocracy, the masses, and tends to completely regenerate, transmute and reform any sign or chart point that it touches upon. Most leading astrologers have predicted that the long-term transit of Pluto through Sagittarius from 1995 to the start of 2008 will see major changes occurring in the religious structures and institutions throughout the world.

A combination of Jupiter and Pluto has been linked to a desire for power. In his definitive work 'The Combination Of Stellar Influences' the revered cosmobiology researcher Rheinhold Ebertin outlined the probable manifestations of these planets as 'the leading or participation of uprisings, or the attainment of leadership, or an appreciation for the need for social or religious regeneration'. While Ebertin related the two planets to the realization of all kinds of power, the great French mundane astrologer Andre Barbault (in what is a security warning for the Olympics) equated the Jupiter/Pluto cycle to the development of international terrorism. It appears to certainly affect the charts of India and Pakistan and how appropriate too that at the time of this elongated opposition (due to Jupiter's retrograde motion in the skies), the assumed date of the formation of a new State of Palestine, September 13, will arrive.

Let's take a look at the major players in this possibility. We'll start with Israel, which attained independent statehood at precisely 4pm, on the 14th of May 1948 as Prime Minister Ben Gurion slammed his gavel on the table and at one the audience rose and broke into the Zionist national anthem. This monumental moment at Tel Aviv represented the Jews returning to their homeland after two thousand years of wandering.

Israel was born with the Sun in the late degrees of Taurus. May of this year saw a line up of all the planets from the Sun out to Saturn, which featured a Jupiter/Saturn combination in the late degrees of Taurus. Such a conjunction represents a resetting of boundaries, a whole new era, and any country born with planets in this area is likely to experience monumental change in the coming years.

Just for samplers, Fiji has its Saturn here and at the time of the recent coup both Saturn and Jupiter returned to this point. On May 19 2000 the Fijian parliament was stormed and the Prime Minister and his government taken hostage. I wrote and spoke on Sydney radio 2GB about the remarkable correspondence that the dates May 13 and 14 (when the Sun would be in these late Taurean degrees) had. The first Indian settlers to Fiji had landed on May 13 1879, their then President and first Prime Minister Kamisese Ratu Mara was born on May 13 1920, and the Colonel Rabuka's coup of 1987 had taken place on May 14 1987. Clearly planetary cycles often synchronize with recurring earthly events.

Israel was facing restructuring its boundaries to allow a home for the dispossessed Palestinians. As the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction landed right on the Israeli Sun it also brought with it the revolutionary planet Uranus, virtue of it's squaring aspect from Aquarius, the sign of the common collective. Uranus represents sudden uprisings, revolution, freedom fighters and rebellion. It looked like Israel was going to have to reset their boundaries but not without some sort of revolution, from without or within.

Also sitting square to the Israeli Sun, on the same degree with Uranus was the birth Sun of a one Ehud Barak, the current Israeli Prime Minister, born February 12 1942 at approximately 9.45 am. Here was the Aquarian revolutionary himself. It was Barak who would fight to enforce this change and yet he would have mighty opposition because Jupiter and Saturn represent not only the lawmakers, but also the elders, establishment and status quo. Barak would find the priestly caste hostile to his plans for change. And that even shows in Barak's own birthchart. His Saturn is joined to Uranus, and both square his own Sun. This aspect gives him the power to be a unique and independent leader, but shows that the conservatives will constantly irritate him. He may be deposed by the first quarter of next year.

Returning to the approaching Jupiter/Pluto opposition of late August/September and October. It will occur across an axis of the 11th degree of Gemini/Sagittarius, and in the Israel chart this sees Jupiter right on their Mercury and Pluto will opposes it. Pluto opposing Mercury is like having opinions forced upon you, a verbal duel, or heavy intense discussions and for Barak it will occur to him as a Jupiter return. So no matter what transpired here we can see and understand that this would be a time of concentrated and focussed dialogue, of critical communications. The force of the international community will be upon Israel to do something.

The third player in this setting is the leader of the PLO Yassar Arafat, born August 28 1928, in Cairo at approximately 2am Eastern European time (EET). Yassar was born with the powerful Pluto rising and the revolutionary Uranus directly above. Had the three wise men witnessed this birth they may have concluded 'aha, here is a potentially powerful revolutionary!' His Sun is together with the sacrificial Neptune, which also endows him with a certain mystical charisma, and together the two are both joined to Regulus, which is the Royal Star of Persia, so befitting of this Arab leader.

Arafat has the two supposedly malefic planets of astrology the warrior Mars and the elder Saturn in direct opposition. Mars is the military planet and Arafat has been a freedom fighter, or terrorist, depending on your political viewpoint. At the same time Saturn is more of a restraining influence and of latter days he has had to be just that representing his people on the world political stage. The Jupiter/Pluto opposition will fall exactly upon his Mars/Saturn, again a remarkable symmetry when one considers the effect Arafat is about to have on the world. This suggests he will certainly be willing to fight for his people's rights no matter how powerful the opposition.

Finally what of a country born at midnight on the 13th of September 2000? What would that chart suggest? At that precise moment the Moon would be exactly on the Midheaven and the Moon is the populace; the mood of the people. Both the Moon and Midheaven would square the Jupiter/Pluto opposition, which may be construed as power to the people. The Mars would be right on the Israeli Mars, which seems to imply that there will be some intensified action around this time, and that Israel will not take anything sitting down.

The new state would have a Gemini Ascendant and the nation's ruler Mercury would be situated in the fourth house, of home and hearth. This Mercury would be the focal point of two grand trines featuring the planets of Jupiter/Uranus/Mercury and Jupiter/Neptune/Mercury. The former combination would be familiar to astrologers as the 'thank the lord' combination, significant of a lucky break. The second has connections with religious fanaticism and inspirational ideals. So this chart doesn't look too bad overall, especially for international dialogue, and the ending of a situation. The one negative is that on September 14 Israel experience their Mars return and Mars is symbolically the astrological 'god of war' but one can hardly expect this to be a totally peaceful conversion anyway.

In wrapping up it may be of interest to mention that in February of 1999 when I was discussing the year ahead I mentioned that, in the following March, both Jupiter and Saturn would return to the exact positions they held when the first shot was fired to start WW11. Earlier I had written in January '99's 'Your Destiny' magazine that Yugoslavia would be involved in a war against major world powers. But on the radio program I stopped short of repeating that prediction, instead remarking that this planetary symmetry in late March of '99 would ask mankind just what he has learnt about getting on in the last sixty years. Well you may answer not much in the light of what transpired, but I have an eternal faith that we will get some things right. Especially when one considers the alternatives. Therefore despite the negative potentials of the Israeli/Palestine situation I prefer to see some eventual outcome propelled by the momentous events of September 2000.

Ed Tamplin - August 14 2000

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