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The terrorist bombing in Bali, October 12 2002, coincided with what is known as a ‘Mars return’ – when Mars returns to the position it held in the Indonesian chart at inception. This Mars return confirmed the potential violence of that chart’s Grand-Square  – between the birth Sun and Moon, war planet Mars, and Uranus, the planet of impulsive unexpected events.

Indonesia’s ‘birth’ date – its independence from Dutch rule, December 27 1949, at 9:22am for Jakarta – makes for one of the most violent and revolutionary of all “national” charts, clearly depicting despotic leaders and rebel uprisings. Violence can be expected whenever the chart’s Grand Square is activated.

Although political and religious trouble may be nothing new to Indonesia, this is the first time the relatively innocent holiday playground of Bali has been targeted. A message was sent to the Western world (and one may imagine,  Australia in particular) as more than 150 tourist lives were lost when terrorist bombs exploded amid the thronging night life of popular Kuta Beach.

Astrologically, violent influences prevail throughout October 2002. There is also a potentially volatile period in December, around the Christmas time, with a mundane square of Mars and Jupiter, with the latter falling on the Indonesian Pluto. In early March 2003, Mars will reach the Indonesian Sun and thereby square itself and oppose Uranus.

Megawati Sukarnoputri, daughter of Indonesia’s founding father Sukarno, became the country’s fifth president after being sworn in at 5.24pm (6.24pm Kuala Lumpur time). This inception chart holds no promise of relief for Indonesia and it also clashes with the two commonly accepted Australian charts of First Settlement January 26 1788, and Federation January 1 1901.

It appears there will be little agreement between the two countries while Megawati’s Administration rules. This may have little to do with Megawati herself, as she is largely a figurehead in a country that is politically destabilised and controlled by militia. The recent bloody fight for East Timor is testimony to the power of the militia in Indonesia and it was only after intervention from Australia and the United Nations that the independence vote of 1999 was fully implemented. However, even the East Timor chart pits the people against the government.

Ed Tamplin - October 2002

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