War – Iraq vs USA

The United States of America was effectively ‘born’ on July 4 1776 at 5:10pm. That day, Independence Day, has since become indelibly etched in the psyche of all Americans. It constitutes the inception date for America’s horoscope.

US President George W. Bush (born 7:26pm, July 6 1946, New Haven Connecticut) was sworn in at 12:02pm January 20 2001 in Washington.Bush’s horoscope and the beginning of his reign are vital in predicting what the planets might suggest for the future.

The charts of George W. Bush and the US itself have obvious similarities – they were born only two days apart and Bush’s Cancerian Sun sits abreast America’s. They share not only the same sign but the exact same position in the skies. So we might call this a ‘karmic’ connection between country and leader. This is a sensitive trigger to passing planets and it will be significant in mid 2004, when Saturn – the planet associated with restrictions, impedances, and heavy responsibilities – moves across their mutual Suns.

Further connections between the charts of president and country? How does George Bush affect the country he leads? And what effect does the job have on him? Especially important are planetary energies common to both charts that are likely to manifest during his term. We find this immediately between Uranus and Mars. The sociological correspondences of the Mars Uranus combination are: violent people, freedom fighters, and revolutionaries. The martial energy of Mars and the sudden, unexpected energy of Uranus suggest abrupt action taken without warning.

The USA Mars is exactly together with President Bush's Uranus, and the USA Uranus exactly squaries Bush's Mars. This double connection, saying the same thing, then becomes a trigger point for possible outbreaks of violence.

By examining the prevailing movement of planets over these sensitive points, we may be forewarned when things might happen. We can test this theory by applying it to the September 11 terrorist attack on US home soil, when America was neither forewarned nor forearmed. It works because on that day, the Sun (in the 19th degree of Virgo) was in a close square to the combined USA Mars/Bush Uranus. The mutual Cancerian Suns were also affected by the passing of Mercury and Jupiter.

One could also time the bombing of Afghanistan, exact to the day, by again waiting for Mars (and Jupiter) together with the Sun, to pass across the dual Suns of America and Bush. Listen to sound file here, where I made such predictions during a live radio broadcast, prior to the event.

The Bush family has enormous repercussions on the USA chart. In George Bush senior’s horoscope, his Sun falls exactly on the American Mars – maintaining the war connection. His own Mars is exactly on the American Moon. At the outset of the Gulf War, January 15 1991, Mars squared this Moon/Mars connection, and Uranus opposed the American Sun, along with Neptune (the planet connected to oil and also to subterfuge).

But we'll stick to the basics in trying to determine the occurrence of any future outbreaks.

First, let me say that mid February 2003 (15th-19th) looks extremely volatile and should be marked as a pivotal time in the charts of the US and its leader. But in light of the instability at the time of writing (October 2002), and the President's push for war against Iraq, we will examine even the minor possibilities. From late September and mid October, Mars activates the US/Bush Mars/Uranus connection in conjunction with the Moon. At times like these, there may be increased activity toward conflict or an event that would accelerate the action.

Mars squares the American Sun (along with Bush's) on November 6, adding fuel to the fire. As far as these dual charts are concerned, the situation escalates toward the end of November and the beginning of December, particularly December 9, 10 and 11. Military operations can also have repercussions within the country and the middle period of January 2003 may reflect this.

I would be surprised if, by the start of February 2003 – which I believe will be a significant turning point in this period of sudden violence – we do not see the start of some sort of war. It may well happen before, in the preceding dates described above.

The chart for Iraq is usually drawn from the creation of that country following the subdivision of the Middle East Arabic territories after WWI – August 23 1921 at 6am, Baghdad. The return of the royal planet Jupiter into the regal sign of Leo, brings into relevance the leadership issue. The last time Jupiter was here, coincided with Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein ordering the invasion of Kuwait.

If we examine that chart ‘progressed’ toward today and the near future, several probabilities appear. The most obvious is war, as the progressed Ascendant, reflecting the country’s outlook, begins to square Mars from early 2003 and continues for most of the year. Also the progressing Mars will come to join Saturn, which often coincides with a major loss or extremely testing period.

Another strong indication from Iraq’s chart is of Jupiter to Pluto. Together, these are planets of plutocracy and power, and they reflect the current struggle between Iraq and the US. Iraq stands accused of developing weapons of mass destruction, and of preparing for chemical and biological warfare which would obviously have disastrous ramifications if such weapons were to fall into terrorist hands or rogue organisations. The Allies have also developed such arms – Anthrax was tested on the island of Gruinard toward the end of WWII. More than 40 years later, despite being firebombed and burnt over, spores of the deadly Anthrax still make the island uninhabitable.

But back to Iraq… The planet associated with drugs and chemicals is Neptune. Iraq has Mars (war) and Neptune (chemicals) together in its chart. As of October 13/14 2002, transiting Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn activate Neptune in Iraq’s chart, further highlighting the issue of chemical and biological weapons. It may light up hotspots around the world.

There are many challenging aspects to the Iraqi chart in 2003. From February, and again in the last quarter of 2003, the Sun (personified by the nation’s leader) is opposed by Uranus, implying a sudden change of leadership, although in itself, not suggesting any kind of stability either.

From March, and even more so around May and the mid year period, we see Neptune opposing both Mars and Neptune, which further highlights the whole chemical warfare issue. By the end of 2003, the progressed conjunction of Mars/Saturn comes strongly in play. This does not bode well for Iraq. It usually ushers in some extremely testing times for the population of a country that has really toughed it out since the Gulf War of 1991.

Ed Tamplin - October 2002

The birthchart of Saddam Hussein may be inaccurate.

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