George W. Bush or John Kerry?

Before I do get into this article let me just say that the resounding nature of Prime Minister John Howard's recent Australian election victory was a surprise to me. Not the fact that he won. He had the better chart for the day selected, but the margin of the victory was something I didn't expect even allowing his progressed Moon was conjunct benefic Jupiter in the tenth house of career.

I say this because regular readers would know that I pointed out an adverse historical pattern for the leaders of the US, Great Britain and Australia exhibiting that just over 70% were removed from office under its influence. (see below) Unfortunately for Mark Latham they have all been Labor leaders in the past. Under this influence the axe has already fallen on Simon Crean, Latham has suffered a massive defeat and Kim Beazley has elected to cool his heels on the backbench.

It's always risky tipping without birth-times but I would still have to say that John Howard, despite his election speech promising to rededicate himself to "leading the nation over the years ahead" may also bow out within twelve months. That may seem strange now with his current majority and opposition in disarray! Perhaps there is a health issue, or some other matter that crops up in 2005? And as for Mark Latham? Watch the first few months of next year, as there may be some interesting turnarounds. Kim Beazley's chart is also active during those months - the departure or challenge perhaps? An interesting time for the Australian political scene awaits. And lastly to the person who wrote that I will have to now call Howard 'Lazarus with a quadruple bypass' - touché.

On November 2 Americans will go to the polls for the first time since September 11 2001. For many the events of that day still haunt their thinking whilst others simply want to move onto a new tomorrow. No matter who wins this election some things will remain the same.

The US involvement in Iraq will not go away for Bush or Kerry; neither will their commitment to homeland security, the war on terror cells and commitment to globalization. But the way those situations are handled may, and the majority of the international community seem to prefer a Kerry victory to a Bush result. Unlike the Australian contestants, these men do have confirmed birth-times, allowing the luxury of a personal horoscope.

I have written before on the Republican Bush and some of you may wish to refer to other articles for more depth here. But for the record the George Bush connections with the US chart are numerous. He was born a mere two days after Independence Day and the similarities don't end there. The connections between the planets Mars and Uranus in both charts are blatantly obvious pointing to the sudden violence and warfare that has marked his term. Bush was sworn in with the war planet Mars symbolically setting at 12.02 p.m. January 20 2001.

George is experiencing his Saturn return. This is karma time when you reap the rewards or pay the price for past actions. Emphasizing that is the Saturn placement in the twelfth house the house of 'self-undoing'. The horoscope point associated with status and social standing is the Midheaven. Unexpected changes are linked to Uranus. George's Midheaven has just moved across Uranus and is still within the vicinity of its erratic influence. This doesn't necessarily say that he will be defeated but it does indicate the unpredictability of his position and home.

George's progressed Sun is still with war planet Mars, characteristic of his continuing military push. Similarly progressed Mars is moving toward his Sun ruler, the Moon - George is a Cancerian. They are offensive, attacking energies, and there would be aggression surrounding him as well as signifying his own modus operandi.

The last card in the pack is Pluto; planet of deep regeneration, often metamorphic change and it will be opposite to George's Midheaven and thereby activating the Uranus connection. This is revolutionizing his working and home life. All this would seem to suggest that George is in for a big change around November 2.

But he does have some saving graces. By the swearing in date of January 20 George has his Jupiter return and it will pass across progressed Mars. Jupiter will then transit onto a progressed Venus/Jupiter conjunction - it's a good money aspect.

This is interesting as in the 2000 election opinion was divided among leading US astrologers on who would win the election. One critic claimed this disproved astrology, as they couldn't pick a winner. My take was that it obviously revealed the election would be almost too close to call. I sympathized with them as I poured through the statistics myself.

My own (perhaps-curious) reasoning was that Bush had the better aspects on the day that the President would be sworn in, over two months later. I also saw that Al Gore's wife Tipper looked to be moving home and I adjudged that unfavorable for Gore who I assumed may be moving out of the White House, so to speak. But I still contact astrologers who claim they (along with Al Gore) were robbed by the courts decision awarding the presidency to Bush. So let's see if Kerry can extract any revenge!

John Kerry is an enthusiastic Sagittarius, born at the rising Sun and setting Moon. The Moon is with Saturn showing that John has had his fair share of sadness and self-reflection despite the optimism of his Sun sign. John parallels the Uranus connection with the US chart, and like George delivers Mars as well. This does not augur well for peace, it is a warlike conjunction - again we see the sudden violence emphasized. John has charismatic Neptune on the Midheaven. He has high ideals, some probably impossible, but with most of his planets above the horizon and the Sun on it, what you see is what you get. John wears his heart on his sleeve.

John also has Uranus affecting the Midheaven, adding a high degree of unpredictability to his career. Positively on the day of the election he has the duo of transiting benefics Venus and Jupiter sitting atop his Midheaven, along with Solar Arcing Venus both are EXACT on the day. This is a fortunate combination. But we have to keep perspective on this one. Having millions of people go out and vote for you would certainly confirm such a popular influence - win or lose. His astro-cartography chart implying areas of strength makes the Midwest difficult for Kerry but he looks stronger on the East Coast and is set to reverse the Florida result that hurt Gore.

The famous American astrologer Grant Lewi wrote a book in which he described the Saturn cycle of those who ultimately won or were defeated in the polls when it came to the Presidential position. It was Lewi's theory that if the transiting (current) position of Saturn was above the horizon and moving toward the top of your horoscope you were bound for glory. If it was doing the opposite then you were headed for the dungeon politically speaking. This may seem elementary analysis but Lewi would have preferred Kerry to Bush on this one! Added to that Kerry does have the advantage of the progressed Moon also airborne in his chart.

So what of Kerry on the day of swearing in? Well John has Mars coming onto his Sun and the Moon coming onto his Mars. Doesn't sound like a very peaceful presidency right from the start. None of us should play God but that brings me to a subject that much has been written about but we don't usually discuss too much publicly. However learned astrologers reading may be familiar with the 'Presidential Death Cycle'. Briefly put it states that any President elected in a year ending with nought eventually dies in office.

Since 1840 this has been the case with the lone exception being Ronald Reagan who survived the assassins gun. Without getting too technical this is purportedly linked into the Jupiter/Saturn cycle in earth signs. The last conjunction was in 2000 and all since 1840 have been in earth with one exception -1980/81. That conjunction was in Libra (air), and so the legend goes, that is why Reagan was the lone survivor. But of course it makes Bush the only candidate now as he was elected in 2000. I don't think he is the lone candidate, even if he is one.

My own observations link this cycle with other factors. They are evident in around March/April and again during August and September both of 2005. Whoever wins this election may well be the loser in real terms. This one does concern me.

Astrologically you'd have to say that John Kerry has the better planets on the day. His Venus connection may be suggestive of strong female support, or possibly voters may see Kerry as a the greater prospect for peace and reconciliation. The progressed Sun of the US chart has just moved into Pisces were it will spend the next thirty years. Americans may be wondering if they are the victors or the victims. And they may be willing to try a different direction.

For the record here's the cut and paste from the previous election article detailing the pattern that in the past has meant leaders leaving office with the current effective time span between early June 2003 and late July 2005.

Saturn, the planet so often linked to those fatalistic tempests, in Cancer, has regularly signaled the fall of the leaders of the US, Britain and Australia. The only survivors were US President Woodrow Wilson and Australian Prime Minister Billy Hughes, way back in 1916. Wilson looked defeated at the close of polls, until a victory in California secured him a second term by the barest of margins. Billy Hughes was expelled from his own party, and only retained leadership by joining the opposition. Judge the Saturn record for yourself.


1916 - President Woodrow Wilson survives by a mere 1863 votes.

1945 - President Franklin Roosevelt dies of brain hemorrhage

1974 - President Richard Nixon resigns

2004/5 George Bush?

Great Britain

1916 - PM Herbert Asquith resigns

1945 - PM Winston Churchill defeated in election landslide

1974 - PM Edward Heath resigns

2004/5 PM Tony Blair?


1916 - PM Billy Hughes ousted from the Labor Party, joins opposition to retain position

1945 - PM John Curtin dies in office

1975 - PM Gough Whitlam dismissed from office

2004/5 PM John Howard?

Now anyone who has ever claimed to have found the 'perfect winning formula' will attest to the fact that as soon as they put it into practice the cracks appear. Nothing is set in stone. It's all a matter of considered judgement. Let's hope this time the US really does decide on November 2 and not through the courts at a later date.

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