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Important note - The Australian Federal election is now all over bar the shouting. Current PM John Howard is firmly ensconsed for a fourth term. It would appear that he has overcome a pattern researched in this article, that has proven disastrous in the past. Admittedly its previous victims have all been Labor Prime Ministers but leaders just the same. Keep in mind that the eclipse pattern and the accompanying Saturn in Cancer are not yet finished, they remain in force until well into July of next year. The question remains as to whether John Howard will still be leading the country when it abates.

As we head into the final quarter of 2004, the leaders of both the USA and Australia stand for re-election. They will be politically judged for the first time since bypassing the United Nations and (along with Great Britain), leading the invasion of Iraq. To be returned they will need to survive a planetary hoodoo that has spelt disaster for the leaders of this triumvirate, since early last century.

Prime Minister John Howard's influence on Australia can be measured by comparing his own horoscope with that of the country he presides over. Australia became a nation united on New Year's Day 1901, in Sydney at 1.35 p.m., as their first national government was ceremonially sworn in. John Howard was born July 26 1939, also in Sydney, sometime between 2 and 4 a.m. Superimposing John's planets on Australia's horoscope sees controlling Saturn on the Ascendant, with warlike Mars directly overhead on the Midheaven, and extremist Pluto opposing below with his Sun. They form a configuration, which the noted German cosmobiologist Ebertin described as, 'brutality, the rage and fury of destructionthe death of a great many people'. It was this identical pattern that descended on the American horoscope on September 11 2001, while Howard was in Washington for meetings with President George Bush. The two have since forged a coalition, which has seen Australia follow the US into Afghanistan and Iraq, and Bush warmly endorses Howard as Australia heads for the polls in October of this year.

Unlike Spain, where a terrorist bombing was blamed for swinging an election against the government, Australia is a very conservative (Sun conjunct Saturn) country. So much so, that for 16 years they elected the same Prime Minister, Liberal Robert Menzies, who played upon the fear factor of a communist inspired Asian invasion. This left the opposition socialist Labor Party in the political wilderness. Now, against the backdrop of the Beslan terrorism, and the recent suicide bombing outside of the Australian Embassy in Indonesia, what might be described as the angel of death could instead be a godsend for Howard's election campaign. Many Australian's view Howard, like Menzies, as a father figure.

Youthful Mark Latham, (born Feb 28 1961 - Sydney, time unverified) is Howard's political opponent and leader of the Labor Party. Ironically, under Labor, Australia enjoyed its friendliest relations with its northern Asian neighbors. Latham has the social conscience of a Piscean Sun with a grandstanding Leo Moon. But with omnipotent Pluto opposing his Sun at birth, he is bound to attract powerful and sometimes ruthless opposition.

Last year, the planet of rapid and surprising turnabouts, Uranus, entered his sun-sign Pisces. Latham found himself propelled to his party's leadership, via an upset victory over former leader Kim Beazley. The naturally benefic planets of Venus (popularity) solar arcing to his natal Sun and his Sun simultaneously arcing to natal Jupiter (success) occasioned that victory on December 2 2003. In the early part of 2004 and with the negative repercussions of the Iraq war fresh in mind, Latham also led the Oz popularity polls. But now, as Saturn moves into the picture, the time of reckoning is upon him. It will arrive on the evening of October 9.

The astrological winds of fate can switch direction in the blinking of an eye, and the transit of a planet. This is what makes the next few months so interesting - not only for Australia, but also the US and Great Britain. Saturn, the planet so often linked to those fatalistic tempests, in Cancer, has regularly signaled the fall of the leaders of the US, Britain and Australia. The only survivors were US President Woodrow Wilson and Australian Prime Minister Billy Hughes, way back in 1916. Wilson looked defeated at the close of polls, until a victory in California secured him a second term by the barest of margins. Billy Hughes was expelled from his own party, and only retained leadership by joining the opposition. Judge the Saturn record for yourself.


1916 - President Woodrow Wilson survives by a mere 1863 votes.

1945 - President Franklin Roosevelt dies of brain hemorrhage

1974 - President Richard Nixon resigns

2004/5 George Bush?


Great Britain

1916 - PM Herbert Asquith resigns

1945 - PM Winston Churchill defeated in election landslide

1974 - PM Edward Heath resigns

2004/5 PM Tony Blair?



1916 - PM Billy Hughes ousted from the Labor Party, joins opposition to retain position

1945 - PM John Curtin dies in office

1975 - PM Gough Whitlam dismissed from office

2004/5 PM John Howard?

The Australian election will be the first time that a national leader of the 'coalition of the willing', stands for re-election. It also closely precedes the November USA election. The planetary energies that surround these elections are anything but peaceful. They turn the contest into more of a war zone than domestic showdowns.

Prime Minister Howard, called the election on the exact day that progressed Mars opposed his birth Sun, which opens him to violent challenges and angry reactions from the electorate. Howard has been accused of being a sycophant to President Bush, as well as riding on the terrorist fear factor and US support to retain his power base. Conservative Australians however, see him as a bastion of tradition and national stability. Opponent Mark Latham has been earmarked as a rebel without a cause, and he desperately needs one to force a change of power, with Howard back in front on the pre-election polls. But astrology may have other ideas and a Moon to Neptune opposition as the polls open at 8 am can throw a cloud upon the whole proceedings.

The election doesn't look like ending on October 9 2004. Australia could well be left with a government who cannot effectively govern due to a loss of power in the Senate, and/or an insufficient majority in the House of Representatives. Howard also has to contend with an eclipse pattern that has repeatedly seen Australian leaders taken from office, along with the fact that his own political career has now traversed a complete Saturn cycle. Even his deputy is biting at his heels. Win or lose, it seems to be the end of the road for John Howard, whose rise, fall and rise to power has left astrologers with a whole new take on Pluto. Borrowing Howard's own self-description, Sun/Pluto is now unequivocally "Lazarus with a triple bypass".

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