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Follow the links below to read archived articles of world events from an astrological world view.

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World Predictions 2004

I have always thought that 2003 was just a precursor for the more important developments of this year. We enter 2004 under difficult skies. The traditional malefic planets of Mars and Saturn are strong at the turn of the year and the upgraded alert on terrorist activity is well justified by the planets ......

World Predictions for 2003
Events don't 'just happen'. They are the climax of accumulated energies, related to planetary cycles. 2003 stands on the shoulders of recent years ....

World Predictions for 2002
The herald of 2002 was the most subdued of New Year's I have witnessed. The collective spirit is one of caution rather than celebration. It's as if the collective humanity knows the problems before us that must be confronted.....

SARS - Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
In the 21st century, are we facing a global epidemic? Scientists say sensible precautions can stop it, but SARS, or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, also spells widespread fear. And this, in a world where news tavels in microseconds… where viruses aren't far behind...

Archived Cycle articles
The outer Planets are the movers and shakers of the zodiac. Their long term residence in any one sign often synchronise with major events in your own life. They also affect worldly conditions and events. Follow the links below to read about past cycles and their effects.......

WAR - USA vs Iraq

They share not only the same sign but the exact same position in the skies. So we might call this a ‘karmic’ connection between country and leader. This is a sensitive trigger.....

Saudi Arabia - when Mars attacks

On Monday May 12, 2003 at 11:15pm, terrorists in Riyadh shot their way through into three compounds housing western visitors. Three car bombs were ignited .....

Pakistan - The Grand Eclipse

On August 11 1999 we had an eclipse that astrologers had feared for decades. It was believed to be the one Nostradamus was referring to when he announced 'the King of Terror'....

Palestine - The Great Divide

Against a backdrop of social and religious differences the difficulty of finding a satisfactory solution to a problem deeper than land alone becomes clearer.....

Israel & Palestine – 2001/2002
It was brought to light that Israel was approaching their Mars return and that the 'martial' planet, symbolically connected with war, suggested an escalation of discord ....

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