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From December 20 2017 until December 17 2020 – minus an Aquarian stopover between March 22 and July 2 2020 – stringent Saturn will be moving through customary Capricorn. Importantly it will also be meeting up with Pluto, the reformer, on its journey. This week we check out the ramifications, past and future.

Capricorn, in a worldly sense, is the sign of conscious ambition crystallised. It represents administration within corporations and governments alike. It's the sign of the CEO. Like its symbol the mountain goat negotiating towering mountain peaks, Capricorn views life from the top down.

Saturn symbolises the responsibility of command. It is both the administrator and critical judge. Saturn brings solidarity and form through contraction and elimination. It is the planet of austerity and thrift. It also delivers the lessons of time and experience and therefore extols the traditions of the past.

Both Saturn and Capricorn, by their very nature, identify with conservatism and the status quo. Yet when an old cycle concludes and a new cycle begins, change is the inevitable consequence. What we are looking at here is change within societal structure and conception of government. The next three years are vital for this.

Saturn's last sojourn in Capricorn – active from February of 1988 until February of 1991 - coincided with the collapse of the Soviet States and Eastern Bloc of Europe. That monumental shift in global power came as Saturn also met revolutionary Uranus and dissolving Neptune, also in Capricorn.

As the Saturn Neptune cycle also signaled the Russian Revolution, astute astrologers like Andre Barbault, forecast this breakup way ahead of time. This time around, Saturn will be meeting up with reformative Pluto in its Capricorn travels, although not until January of 2020. There are rare historical correlations to this union, that are useful to examine.


Saturn and Pluto met in Capricorn when the famous Assyrian King Sennacherib razed Babylon, the 'big apple' of its day. This was his solution to the 'Babylon Problem' – the ongoing resistance to Assyrian rule. Sennacherib was a military leader, with little regard for Babylonian custom and religious ritual.

This event was big news in ancient Mesopotamia, but had its repercussions. Even Assyrians were concerned at Sennacherib's destruction of Babylon's temples and blatant disregard for the city's cultural tradition. Sennacherib was later assassinated by his eldest son and his death was celebrated as divine retribution by the Babylonians.

The next conjunction of Saturn to Pluto in Capricorn proved decisive for the Roman Empire. It marked the changeover from the Hellenistic Greek rule of the Near East to Roman control. Antiouchus the Great lost his four year battle against Roman domination and signed a peace deal – the Treaty of Apamea - ceding territory all the way to the Taurus mountains of Turkey.

The next conjunction of 47 AD is recognised in Christian tradition as the beginning year of St Paul's missionary work. He travels with Barnabas to Cyprus and Galatia. Paul would not only have a pivotal effect on the development of the new religion, (and the Roman Empire) but he also broke with Peter, arguing that Gentile Christians do not have to follow Jewish law.


What we are getting out of all of this is that Saturn's conjunctions with Pluto, in Capricorn, are certainly about transforming the status quo in a major manner. Saturn's next union with purgative Pluto coincided with the Ostrogoths sacking Rome in 549 AD.

But let's jump ahead a millennium for brevity at this point. It has been written that Saturn was in Capricorn for the beginning of the Reformation. Well almost, it was at at 27 degrees of Sagittarius and about to enter Cap and form another conjunction with Pluto when Martin Luther's 95 thesis reportedly first appeared on a Wittenberg church door.

That was on October 31 1517, but the results of his actions created a cataclysmic religious shift and were certainly consistent with a dramatic Reformation of the Establishment. Are the capitalistic TV evangelicals of today due for another exposure? We shall see. The temptations of money and power have certainly revealed such hypocrisy.

Reformation aside, the November 1517 to November 1520 transit of Saturn through Capricorn ranks as one of the most ground breaking of all. During these years Magellan set sail on his world round trip and Hernan Cortes began his conquest of the Aztec Empire.

Remember that I am only examining the times here that Saturn has transited Capricorn and met Pluto during its travel. The significance of this being that it happens again on January 13 2020. But we can start to read the prevailing trends well before the future conjunction. Also we will have a repeat of groundbreaking Uranus in Taurus just as in that 1517 period.

One conclusion is obvious and already showing signs of tumultuous change. The Saturn Pluto conjunction of 2020 will be very close the Sun, Jupiter Saturn and Ascendant quadruple conjunction of the House of Saud conquering Riyadh horoscope. This alone will have enormous repercussions on the financial world.


You'd imagine that Saturn in Capricorn would have to have some connection with the banks and the financial industry, being the literal pillars of the 'system'. And you'd be on the money. The Bank of England was given Royal sanction on April 25 1694 and took subscriptions from June 15 the same year with Saturn in Capricorn.

Ninety years later, on June 9 1784, under the same alignment, the Bank of New York opened in Lower Manhattan. These two cities have been at the hub of capital enterprise for the last two centuries. That's one reason why Pluto's entry into Capricorn in 2008 correlated with the global financial meltdown?

Saturn will surely test the solidarity of the recovery strategies. And as Saturn corresponds with long term investments, such as real-estate and blue stock chips, it's the established brands that feel the effects of the transit most. Note its last transit of the late 80's and early 90's coincided with western real-estate taking a tumble.

Last time around, tycoons, like Alan Bond and Donald Trump, were courting bankruptcies. The Australian Treasurer Paul Keating, a true Capricorn, had predicted it all as the recession we had to have. After all, the Australian Federal Government was sworn in at 13.36 hours in Centennial Park, Sydney on January 1 1901, with the Sun and Saturn both in Capricorn.

Saturn in Capricorn surely warns against excessive speculation, as both err on the side of caution and crave stability and surety. Saturn entering Capricorn in 1929 was one of the big wake up calls that heralded the Great Depression and led into its depths. It also provided the overture for the Long Recession sixty years prior.


The USA celebrates a national birthday from July 4 1776. That means the leadership Sun, value planet Venus and entrepreneurial Jupiter are all in Cancer. When restrictive Saturn enters the opposing sign of Capricorn and simultaneously transits their second house of wealth, the US economy gets a chill.

The last time Saturn was in Capricorn, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates and the economy slowed. The first invasion of Iraq took place, meaning we're heading for the Saturn return of Middle East invasions. The end result was George Bush Snr becoming a one term president, ending the Republican run since 1981.

Wrapping up on the economy. The US Federal Reserve is also a Capricorn Sun chart, as the act was signed off on by Woodrow Wilson on December 23 1913 at 18.02 hours. The Sun is right at the start of Capricorn and opposite Pluto in Cancer. It's another reason that Pluto moving into Capricorn in 2008 was bound to deliver an equities earthquake with multiple aftershocks.

This year's Capricorn Ingress chart will have the Sun and Saturn sitting right on the Sun of the Federal Reserve horoscope and squaring its Midheaven. Pluto is closing in on the Federal Reserve Descendant and moving across in December. Let's hope Donald Trump learnt something valuable from reading Chapter Eleven.

Saturn in Capricorn can be a boon for some. It's not too hard to pick up a bargain from the anxious sellers who have over extended their boundaries. And that's the great lesson really. It reminds us to play within our limits for lasting gains. Responsibility is a Saturn keyword and a natural Capricorn progression.


One of the traditional methods for judging the potential of the immediate future, is the use of seasonal ingress horoscopes, cast for the location of specific capitals. This year's Capricorn Ingress occurs December 21 at 16.27.52 Universal Time. It arrives with the Sun in combination with Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, and a tight orb of only ten minutes separation.

As it is a rare condition to have Saturn so prominent at the Capricorn Ingress, I did some research on when it has occurred (within approximately two and a half degrees) to analyse the correlations of the past with the potentials of today. The results revealed a consistent theme. They also followed a recurrence cycle averaging 59 years, similar to a double Saturn return covering 1811, 1870, 1929, 1958 and now 2017.

For starters, Saturn is the planet associated with preserving tradition and the status quo. It is the planet identified with Father Time, bearing the Greek name of Chronos. That makes it fitting indeed that the last time the Sun entered Capricorn in conjunction with Saturn – in December 1958 - the John Birch Society was born.

This far right political movement, of conspiracy-minded conservatives, have chapters spread throughout the USA. They vigorously opposed the Civil Rights movement of the 1960's, believing it all part of a Communist plot. Progressives like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King were prime targets of the Birch believers, who were avid opponents of desegregation and the US membership of the United Nations.


JBS advocate minimalist government and oppose any economic interventionism or wealth redistribution. That's hardly surprising, taking into account that the society was formed by eleven of the richest men in America including Fred Koch, father of the politically active billionaires, the Koch Bros. JBS conspiracy theories run parallel to today's Alex Jones or Fox News.

They do little to mask their 'WASP' ethnocentrism mixed with a Saturnian fear factor. Bob Dylan's sarcastic 'John Birch Society Blues' parodies this paranoia on his early classic Freewheeling album. Dylan sings about looking for reds beneath the bed and even under his toilet seat, whilst bemoaning the color red's presence in the US flag.

Modern day John Bircher and Baptist preacher Mark Collins, of the Central Texas chapter, is reportedly optimistic about the future. He believes there is a powerful reason to rejoice, a reason for renewed optimism: God has sent America a new, powerful leader. He’s a good man, a moral man. God has delivered Donald J. Trump to save the United States of America.

You be the judge of that? Trump's presidency is an amalgam of John Birch philosophies and it is interesting that on the eve of the Ingress, his Republican tax plan, substantially benefiting Wall St investors and his own businesses is set to become law. It's in keeping with the leadership Sun meeting establishment Saturn in corporatist Capricorn.


Economic inequality is one of the greatest growing problems in western society and becoming entrenched in the USA. Despite this, the Republican planned tax cuts look to increase America's national debt, forcing cutbacks on social services. All of this has the potential of driving a widening societal divide toward revolution.

The prior Sun Saturn conjunction at the Capricorn Ingress came in December 1929. It fell two months after the Wall St collapse that triggered the Great Depression. If we examine this period from the social perspective, inequality had reached breaking point. It would pay today’s leaders to heed these signals before the austerity of Saturn returns.


It's not only the planets issuing such warnings. The French economics professor Thomas Piketty's revelatory 'Capital in the Twenty-First Century' showed how economic inequality peaked in 1929. His book was translated into English in April of 2014 and by May 18 was number one on the New York Times best-seller list.

Regular readers would recall that April 2014 featured a mundane Grand Cross formation featuring Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto all around 13 degrees of cardinal. The astro-talk of the time was how this powerful aspect pattern would impact directly on the natal Sun of the USA. What happened was the renewal of a Cold War, as the US placed economic sanctions on old enemy Russia over their reclamation of Crimea.

But perhaps Piketty's book portended the real looming crisis of the Grand Cross, if we are to look deeper and longer at a message emanating. Inequality has worsened with the extended stock market bubble, as the rich get even richer in the home of capitalism. And last Thursday's draconian ruling on 'net neutrality' threatens to silence the dissenting voice.

Is it no accident that Trump's proposed tax cuts are being sold as a curious Christmas present – right on the Capricorn Ingress with Saturn? And by a billionaire President who refuses to release his tax returns. The President's own horoscope makes multiple connections to this Ingress, shown here on the cosmo dial. The day of reckoning looms.


Saturn was prominent during a prior Capricorn Ingress of 1811. This period featured a Jupiter Saturn opposition with the Moon tightly squaring the Ingress Sun, creating a T—Square formation. It was the period of the Luddite Uprisings. The term Luddite is now used to describe one unfamiliar and resistant to advancing technology.

The Luddite story began with the introduction of automation in the textile industry, threatening wage and worker security. Experienced artisans were being replaced by unskilled labour low wage operators. Lacking any kind of unionised power, the disenfranchised united to destroy the machines. It was a protest against industrialisation threatening livelihood.

Right at the Ingress a story appeared in The Nottingham review of December 20 1811. It concerned a weaver named Ned Ludd, who smashed two knitting machines in a fit of anger. The Luddites took their name from this character, claiming to be fighting for the cause of General or King Ludd. The government eventually called in the army.

Songwriter Robert Calvert revived the legend of Ned Ludd in verse,
They said Ned Ludd was an idiot boy
That all he could do was wreck and destroy, and
He turned to his workmates and said: Death to Machines
They tread on our future and they stamp on our dreams.

The Capricorn Ingress of 1811 featured Saturn and Jupiter tightly opposed. This is a classic future (Jupiter) versus the past (Saturn) dichotomy. The fact that the Moon also squared the Sun/Saturn and the Jupiter made this automation process a major public and emotional issue in the early days of the Industrial Revolution.

Today it is computer technologies, globalisation and the Internet revolutionising the workplace, sales and commerce. This Ingress also has futuristic Jupiter uncomfortably positioned to tradionalist Saturn.


One country which will feel the effect of the upcoming Capricorn Ingress with Saturn very strongly, is Venezuela. Two reasons for that! One is location specific. The Ingress will occur on the Midheaven, directly above the capital of Caracas.

Secondly, their first constitution came into being right on the 1811 Capricorn Ingress with Saturn and Jupiter opposing. So look for a potential change of leader, turmoil or administrative shake up in Venezuela, which puts them in the headlines early in 2018.

Another country to watch is Germany. The 1870 Ingress fell prior to the German Empire, which came into being at midnight on the New Years Day of 1871 but was officially proclaimed January 18 (Astrodatabank gives an estimated time of 12.40 pm and the ceremony concluded at 1 pm) in Paris.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was born with her Sun opposite the old Empire chart, on July 17 1954 @ 1800 hours in Hamburg. Her difficult fight to retain office is shown via her SP Sun now squaring natal Mars, as German politics shifts further to the far right. Power shifts in Germany will further influence the Eurozone.


Of the all Capricorn ingresses occurring with Saturn, the most powerful also featured Pluto. That last occurred in 1517, only two months after Martin Luther mailed off his 95 thesis to the Archbishop of Mainz and reportedly nailed the same to a Wittenberg church door.

The Reformation underpinned the biggest redistribution of wealth and power in Europe. The relevance of this being that Saturn will again meet with Pluto during its transit of Capricorn for the first time since those heady days. And this conjunction will also feature the Sun and Mercury on January 2020. Already, some signs are showing.

It may be no cosmic coincidence that a Royal Commission into child abuse within the Catholic Church has only just concluded. But perhaps the archetypal analogy here involves Luther's challenge and exposure of an inherently corrupt system of indulgences. Sin could be absolved for an exchange of money. Everyone, even the Lord apparently, had their price.

The days of the religious lobbyist and a corrupt priesthood are an inference of the political system of today. The system is broken. Christianity is being hijacked by corporate capitalism. Congress is in the hands of the lobbyist and it is spreading to other western governments. The hierarchy is due for a Reformation.

Saturn, at its worst, is about restriction and control through the application of fear and separatism. The Steve Bannon style racists - the John Birchers, who would impose the prejudice of yesterday on the potential of tomorrow. Conspiracy theories spread by the ones who are actually the real conspirators.

The first year of Saturn in Capricorn may see a further attempt at consolidating conservatism. Hard right political movements, state control, reminiscent of the facism that preceded WWII. This will have a reciprocal blowback, which is laying the foundations for a revolution.


Copyright © Ed Tamplin

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