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Astrology purports that the start of an enterprise contains the kernel of its future. Therefore the inauguration of Donald Trump holds the keys to the potential of his presidency. The proof of that hypothesis can be found via the swearing in charts of prior presidents.


George W Bush was sworn in at 12.02 pm on January 20 2001, with the Ascendant opposing the war planet Mars in vengeful Scorpio. The orb was two degrees. Two years into his presidency, with Ascendant progressing to complete the opposition, the US was invading Iraq on Bush's command.

When Bill Clinton was sworn in for a second time, Neptune, the planet of scandal and deception was exactly on the Midheaven. Clinton narrowly avoided impeachment following his attempted cover up of his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

JFK had a more difficult Neptune. It was squaring the Midheaven by around three degrees, when he took the oath at 12.51 pm. Kennedy lasted slightly less than three years in office. His assassination remains a Neptunian enigma to most Americans. And one planet stands out in his swearing in chart – a way out of bounds Mars.

Richard Nixon had Mars opposite Saturn for January 20 1973 @ 12.15 pm, when he swore the oath. The exact time brought the Midheaven in a precise semisquare to Mars and sesquisquare to the Saturn, a decidedly difficult combination. The Midheaven was also in the final degree of Capricorn and about to change signs. As it did, the US changed presidents.


Before I begin to analyze the primary features of the Trump inauguration chart from the historical perspective, let me make one point perfectly clear. The chart would have been the same regardless of who was sworn in as the US President for 2017.

The predominant outer planetary aspects, for Trump's swearing in, are a tight Jupiter to Uranus opposition, with a close trine from Saturn to Uranus. This has only happened once before at Abraham Lincoln's second inauguration, on March 4 1865.

Lincoln’s second term was cruelly shortened to 42 days. His VP Andrew Johnson was sworn in at 11 am April 15 as Saturn retrograded back toward the trine with Uranus and the Sun came to oppose Saturn.

Does the expansive nature of Jupiter magnify the surprise factor of Uranus? On average appearances it would seem so. There have been three occasions when Jupiter has been in close square to Uranus at swearing in time, which back this up.

The first was James Madison who completed a full second term although his Vice President didn't. The next was William Harrison, the shortest presidency of them all, lasting only one month. The last was Richard Nixon's second term, which lasted eight months, finishing with his resignation.


Another prominent aspect of Trump’s inauguration is the tight square between the traditional malefics, Mars and Saturn, with both connected to the Moon. As the Moon is the populace, and specifically females, this clearly shows the spirited public opposition to this presidency.

Richard Nixon's second inauguration had the two malefics of Mars and Saturn in tight opposition. The only other presidency, featuring a Mars Saturn square, was that of James Buchanan, the one most historians rate as the worst of all.

Buchanan’s term preceded the Civil War. His inaugural address failed to address the glaring polarity of the nation. Instead he deflected to the economy and bolstering the military. It received great media attention, as the first presidential inauguration to be photographed.


As Trump took the presidential oath the Midheaven came into a confronting semisquare to Neptune, planet of smokescreen and scandal. In the last quarter of the year the solar arc of Neptune to this Midheaven will be virtually exact.

As Neptune tends to dissipate and dissolve, rather than solidify, it’s highly likely that this period brings a high degree of uncertainty or controversy around the leadership.

Adding to this, the transit of Neptune will also semisquare the swearing in Midheaven from mid-February. It will come close to repeating the same across the October period. All of this is further triggered by a transiting New Moon squaring the administrative Midheaven on October 19.

It's not only Neptune at play here. Three transits of unpredictable Uranus will square the Midheaven from the middle of May and late October 2017, onto early March 2018.

Neptune and Uranus will repeat their challenging angles to the leadership Sun of the inauguration horoscope in April and June 2018 respectively. All of this points to further instability and the real possibility that Trump will not complete his term.


The Sun of the swearing in chart makes no traditional major aspects to other planets or angles. Theoretically this means that the leader acts more independently, free of the influence of his circumstances or surrounds. The unaspected point or planet, tends to function in 'wild card' manner.

Although there are no traditional aspects from, or too, the Sun; it is in a powerful ninth harmonic alignment to Neptune. The Sun is positioned forty degrees away (one ninth of the zodiac) known as the novile aspect. This has a universal feel. Importantly, it further emphasizes the Neptunian correlation.

The Sun is also positioned at the direct midpoint of Saturn and Neptune. The sole inauguration with the Sun at this midpoint was that of Zachary Taylor, another who through illness, did not finish his tenure.


As Trump came to the presidency under the controversy of subversive covert interference, Neptune is certainly appropriate. Neptune also connects with big oil, and his most contentious appointment to date has been the CEO of Exxon as Secretary of State.

The predominance of Neptune adds a sense of unreality to the swearing in horoscope. A billionaire president, claiming to serve the working class, who has stacked his administration with capitalist elites. Collective cognitive dissonance at play?

The next few years may be a social experiment of just how far unregulated capitalism can extend. The big question now being - how long will its run last? On the study of past inaugurations there has to be some real doubts hanging over the longevity and/or covert activities of this one.

Copyright © Ed Tamplin

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